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Please note that LiveStyled has now closed this fundraising offer.

The Opportunity

This UK market leader provides mcommerce apps to fans though the largest event location owners in the UK and europe. Their proven technology has dramatically increased retail spend for their clients, in some cases by 1000%!  This has allowed them to enter into revenue share agreements where a fee is paid per transaction from the vendors, at little risk, due to their forensic understanding of fan behavoir through the apps onboard data science capability.  

Livestyled is seeking £1 million in investment at a pre money valuation of £4.5 Million.  

HMRC has given its Advance Assurance that the investment should qualify for the tax reliefs available under EIS.

Key Traction

Since its launch it September 2015, LiveStyled has delivered a proven, revenue-generating business model that has already captured a significant market share and built a clear pipeline for growth.

They operate in 35 major UK entertainment venues with an audience reach of 1.5 million attendees.
They generate an average of £0.16 revenue per attendee and up to £0.40 at key venues.
They have captured a 6% UK market share with new contracts set to drive that to 20%.
They have built a user base of 185,000 app users delivering over 30,000 in-app purchases
They have created 10%+ increases in overall venue revenues through our platform

Most importantly, LiveStyled has recently secured a contract with Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) Europe, one of the world’s largest entertainment companies, to provide a mobile app and live commerce platform apps for 6 of their key European venues. This includes the O2 Arena, the world’s busiest entertainment venue. These venues alone will increase our annual audience reach by a further 6 million.

Why Livestyled?

Having built up market share across key sectors and proven the revenue generating power of our mobile platform, They are now perfectly positioned to capitalise on the opportunity which mobile monetisation represents. They already have an unassailable lead both in terms of the technology we have developed & the contracts with key players in core markets.

Due to the early stage nature of mCommerce adoption by organisations within the events market, the time taken to negotiate, sign and activate new contracts has been considerably longer than first anticipated. Although this has meant LiveStyled’s growth has been slower than originally planned, it now provides a strong barrier to entry to new competitors and gives LiveStyled a key first-mover advantage. Their customers have suggested that they are at least 18 months ahead of the closest competition.

Why Now?

The time is right for live commerce. According to Juniper Research, mobile commerce will be worth in excess of £500bn per annum by 2018 and will constitute over 30% of all eCommerce. By integrating opportunities for commercialisation seamlessly into the live event experience, our live commerce platform and mobile apps provide our partners with a digital environment which will help them ride the explosive growth curve of mCommerce.

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Address: 24 The Ivories
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Incorporated: 01/10/15


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