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Target £5,850,000 Raised £4,741,000
Equity 21% Target IRR 157%
Investors 68 Watchers 12

The Opportunity

Saietta is raising £5.85 million in an EIS round across 2016 and 2017’s tax years. As at 01 March 2017 Saietta has already raised £4.7 million of the £5.85 million EIS Round (80%). The fundraising is being undertaken at a share price of £1.053 which values Saietta at £19.8 million before the round.

Saietta is a world-leading designer and manufacturer of electric propulsion motors and drivetrains for vehicles.  Driven by a surge of consumer demand and extensive and draconian global legislation the automotive industry is rapidly switching from petrol and diesel engines to electric propulsion.

Saietta's super-compact, ultra-efficient and high power axial flux magnetic motors have achieved multiple speed records on land, air and sea through a unique combination of F1, aerospace and automotive expertise. Already over 80% of electric racing motorcycles use Saietta motors.

Saietta motors are ultra-light and highly cost competitive compared to any electric propulsion motor being used in today’s electric vehicles.  Their designs and IP are unique and their power and range output is exemplary.  This is evidenced by Saietta powering the first ever electric powered manned aircraft flight across the English Channel and the first manned electric powered helicopter.

In the medium term Saietta is working with a range of car and motorcycle manufacturers on supplying the power plants to the next generation of electric vehicles. While this is a big industry for such a small company to approach, it is relevant to understand that car manufacturers only make 6% of the engines they use. The other 94% are made by a fragmented industry of diversified manufacturers and suppliers with over 2,000 engine producers alone. This automotive component industry has a strong history of acquisitive growth as shown by GKN and Rockwell Automation.


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